Spend the night surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature!

Rooms are 40€/ a night per person, the whole Muonamiehentalo for 6 persons also according to offers. 

Bookings can be made from the end of this page or through Airbnb.

Alatalli attic

One big room for max. five persons.

One doublebed, two separate beds and couch, no toilet or shower.

Available only on summertime. Special offer!


Accommodates 6 people

Two rooms, kitchen, toilet, shower and sauna

Rented out for minimum of one week.

Barnhouse room

Room for 4 persons, toilet and shower.

Two separate beds, couch and bed for children.

Big  terrace

Please state whether you want to book a room or host an event.

Quiet working place for clients
Quiet working place for clients